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Inncommerce third partner meeting in Lodz - Gamified learning platform coming soon!



Inncommerce third partner meeting in Lodz - Gamified learning platform coming soon!

Author: Durovic Éva | October 10. 2017.

The partners of the InnCommerce project met for the third time in Lodz, Poland. The InnCommerce project, aiming at helping the commercialisation of young SMEs innovations, is in full swing. Be prepared for amazing project products, with which learning will be a productive and fun experience!

Partners are finalizing the Curriculum, which is spotlighting the problem of commercialization of innovation by young SMEs. The curriculum will serve as a tool, which can improve knowledge and skills in marketing innovative products and services, thus enhancing the chances of successful commercialization of innovation. SMEs will have the opportunity to engage in self-pace learning, acquireing step by step all the vital knowledge needed for the successful commercialisation of their innovative products/services.


An emblematic moment of the meeting was the testing of the Gamified e-learning platform, whereby the modules of the learning content had been "translated" into a game, with quizz-like excercises. The gamified learning platform will ensure that the learning process is fun and engaging, guaranteeing the best learning outcomes for the users.


Partners furthermore agreed on the forthcoming tasks and activities related to the Guidelines for SMEs and VET on why and how to use the project outcomes, and discussed the methodology for selecting the best practices.


Stay tuned, amazing project products are coming soon! In order not to miss them, follow us on our website and on our social media platforms (Facebook , Twitter).