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Irani-Hungarian Business Possibilities - Irani Ambassador visits our chamber



Irani-Hungarian Business Possibilities - Irani Ambassador visits our chamber

Author: Durovic Éva | November 29. 2017.


The Ambassador of the islamic Republic of Iran, H.E. Gholamali Rajabi Yazdi visited our chamber to define areas for joint cooperation between Iran and Hungary. Areas for cooperation include: food industry, export of meet, solar energy, research projects, construction and building industry. If your company is active in any of these fields and looking for Irani partners, contact us!



The Ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Iran, H.E. Gholamali Rajabi Yazdi and the Counsellor of Economy, Mohammad Javad Hosseini visited our chamber to discuss possibilities for economic cooperation between the two countries. 


The bilateral economic relations are in dinamic expansion from 2015, the chambers and embassies from both sides are actively supporting the entrepreneurs in building new business cooperations. 


Areas for cooperaiton:

1. Food industry

2. Export of meet from Hungary to Iran - EU countries are granted all the necessary permissions

3. Solar energy - Hungarian companies are wellcome to install complete solar plants in Iran

4. Research projects - cooperaiton between research centers, universities and chambers

5. Construction sector - import of stones, glass and tiles from Iran to Hungary


If your company is interested in extending its foreign cooperations in any of the above mentioned sectors, feel free to contact us to make direct business contacts with the respective companies.Contact: Katalin Kozsuchne Somogyi email: kozsuchne@csmkik.hu