After two years of intensive work, the Sustain-T project consortium have finalized the project’s outputs that have been presented to tourism MSEs, tourism associations, umbrella organisations and other stakeholders on the Final Conference held in Barcelona, Spain, on 8th October 2019. The developed project outputs are freely accessible and ready to be used by tourism micro-and small enterprises free of charge. With the help of the developed outputs, EU micro- and small enterprises can enhance their sustainability performance, increase their networking and collaboration skills for developing new green alliances and implementing joint sustainability initiatives. We are proud to present the main outputs of the project, which are the following: Learning Content: helps tourism business know more about sustainable management, about socio-economic benefits sustainable tourism offers to local communities, environment and cultural heritage. It also offers a deeper understanding of the benefits of networking and collaboration of tourism businesses and offers an overview on innovation and competitiveness in sustainable tourism. Self-Audit Tool: helps tourism MSEs determine their performance across the major areas of sustainable tourism. It focuses on the enterprise’s internal policies and practices. It reveals where existing practices support sustainable tourism and where improvement is needed. Resource Mapping Tool: assists tourism MSE sin identifying available resources for improving their sustainability performance. It helps MSEs to visualize individual resources they have at disposal, shows other enterprises’ resources, thus enabling the successful merging of resources for joint sustainability initiatives and collaboration. Ideation Tool: aims to help tourism MSEs match the self-audit results with the produced resource map. It should lead to understanding how the sustainability areas where the enterprise is underperforming could be improved using available resources. It also facilitates MSEs’ collaboration in the process of elaborating ideas for joint sustainable tourism initiatives, since it allows to see the projects or initiatives that other companies would like to develop. The Sustain-T platform hosting the outputs can be accessed at: Photo Gallery of the Final Conference
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