In less then two weeks: Third transnational project meeting in Tallin, Estonia

The third international partner meeting within the framework of the InnoSpark project will be held in Estonia, Tallin between the 19-20 September 2016. In the main focus of the meeting will be the finalization of the Intellectual Output 2, the Self-Diagnostic Test. The Self-Diagnostic Test will be an interactive self-assessment tool for ICT employees and employers to discover the creativity skills they posses especially with regard to the ICT sector identifying at the same time those that they need to develop and boost so as to foster innovation in their work. Self-assessment will be a helpful way for users to better recognize their own creativity and innovation behaviours and highlight areas of strength, weakness, and areas that they may need greater focus on. The Test will also encourage them to think about which dimensions of the creativity and innovation field are particularly important in their work, and will help them to compare how they rate themselves in these dimensions. Additionally, organizations will conduct self-assessments to better understand their own performance and to improve their performance in future. Skills assessment is an essential first stage in the creativity and innovation thinking development process. Creativity skills assessment will be primarily a diagnostic and learning tool. This evaluation tool will facilitate the creation of a new organizational knowledge by bringing together the knowledge held by diverse participants. By looking at different components of skills, an assessment can change the perception about the organization itself and set directions for how the users can achieve their mission and goals. The self-diagnostic can also create a focus on ones priorities and change what people inside the organization and stakeholders see as the priorities.
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