Second Transnational Project Meeting Successfully Completed in Bilbao, Spain

  Project partners of the Innospark project consortium met for the second time in Spain, Bilbao, where they presented the findings of the Online Survey and Focus Group Interviews. A state-of-the art analysis will be prepared based on the country reports the main objective of which will be to summarize the main tasks/activities which most lack creative thinking in partner countries to provide an in –depth analysis on the main barriers for ICT employees and employers to apply creative thinking to identify the main obstacles to innovation on the level of the whole consortium Based on the results, all national empirical analyses and desk research information will be combined into a comprehensive single document, identifying the common problem areas, trends and barriers for fostering creative thinking skills and innovation.   Hereby, the project partners would like to thank officially all the ICT companies taking part both in the Online Survey and Focus Group interviews for contributing to the successful implementation of the project.
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