Transnational conference in Novi Sad

On Tuesday, 03/09/2019, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Vojvodina organised a transnational conference in Novi Sad, entitled Invest in Vojvodina. On that occasion, the investment potentials of Vojvodina have been presented, following which ambassadors and presidents of chambers exchanged ideas on existing and future trade and regional cooperations in panel discussions. Our President, Mr. Pál Nemesi, emphasised the increased interest of Hungarian businesses to invest in Serbia, underlying the fact that in August, a Carpatian Basin Business Development Chamber has been set up addressing, among others, this exact need. The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Vojvodina and that of Csongrad County have been the closest partners for decades, playing major role in linking Serbian and Hungarian enterprises and increasing their business cooperation. The two chambers will continue working intensely on boosting the regional economic cooperation in the Szeged-Novi Sad-Timisoara triangle.  
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